Giving Thanks

We’ve found that things get better when they’re shared. From the beginning we wanted this to be a community effort, so we funded The Yoga Poster through a Kickstarter project. Along the way, friends and colleagues gave input on the project as well as on the poster itself. This poster that you are considering purchasing or have purchased (thanks!) is a direct result of the impact the following people have had.

Our Reviewers & Advisors

Georg & Brenda Feuerstein: Traditional Yoga Studies
Kevin Waldorf-Cruz
Michael Faith: Living Yoga
Kristin Leal
Ellen Tynan: Wild Presence Meditation
Jonathan Foust: former president, Kripalu Center
Jacqueline A. Neville
Erjona Fatusha: Yoga Without Walls
Frankie Clogston
Adarsh Hathi
Jyotirmaya Sharma: University of Hyderabad, India
Michael Yoch
Paul Morris
Rebecca Bly: Live Beyond the Mat
Dr. Marie Rodriguez, ND

Our Kickstarters

Arvind Rajan & Kelle Young
Jacqueline Neville
Aimee Tanon
Amy Quinn-Suplina
Andrea Hazel
Andrew Stretchy
Anne Ornish
Anne-Lisa de Forest
Ban Abdul
banni bunting
Caitlin Brune
Cat O’Connor
Chris Kaskie
Colleen Bates
Don and Mary Banke
Elizabeth Bernstein
Ellen Tynan
Frankie Clogston
Geoff Weeks
Gillian Burgess
Holly McLeod
francine furtado
Jason Chua
Jeannie Tibbetts
Jill Jaynes
Jim Neville
Joanne & Gary Kohls
JP Tamblyn-Sabo
julie stewart
Karen Dubs
Kathleen Smith
Kevin Waldorf-Cruz
Kristina Neville
Laura Zeigen
Lawerence R. Lueck
Lisa Commette
Liza Laird
Lizandra Vidal
Lori Conway
Lucy Edge
Maggie Grant
Marie Rodriguez
Mark LaPorta
Matt Cannon
Melissa Smith
Michael Yoch
Mona Warner
Natasha Martin
Nevetes Wellness
Rebecca Bly
Rudy Minasian
Sandra Mc Guffin
Sarah Finney – FREE Yoga Project
Sue Kurowski
Teal Chimblo Fyrberg
Wendy Blake
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