Become an Affiliate

the-yoga-poster-300x250One thing that continues to surprise us as we encounter more and more people through The Yoga Poster is how many people think of us as “company.” We’re professional, for sure, but really – it’s just us. And while we don’t really have a marketing budget, people still continue to find us (yay!), mostly because they saw the poster at their yoga studio or heard about it through a friend or yoga teacher. In fact, that’s probably how you found out about us, too.

We can’t always directly thank the people that sent you here, but we can thank you for sending others. So we cooked up an affiliate program and there’s no set up or approval process — it’s just you and your own private link back to us.



Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out this form to request your affiliate link. We’ll send you a confirmation email within a few days containing your link and program information. We’ll  include TYP images, web banners, and such to help you out!
  2. Share your link with fellow yoga-lovers… share on Facebook, post to your blog, share with your students, wherever and however you like.
  3. If they buy a poster or any of our other prints, we send you a percentage of the sales that came from you.

That’s it. Easy, huh? We’ll be honest, you’re probably never going to get rich off of this… but you may just get back the money you spent on your poster. Or have some extra change around to have a nice tea after your next class. Questions? Email

Special note for studios and teachers… We get an amazing number of orders from students who find us online and purchase after seeing your posters! If you are interested in offering your students and teachers discounts or in selling the poster in your boutique, let us know.

Get started now!