The Yoga Poster

Yoga isn’t easily defined — there is so much history, so many types and the concepts overlap — you really need a map to help you sort it out. We searched for a long time and didn’t find one, so we built it ourselves. (Learn more.)

The Yoga Poster was updated with minor changes in May 2015. We are now on the 5th edition of our poster.


This 24 x 36 inch poster — printed with vegetable inks on 100% post-consumer waste, archival-quality paper at a wind-powered location in Portland, Oregon USA — is the first work of its kind to place the major concepts, types and history of yoga together in a single, visual overview of the practice.

The Yoga Poster features many aspects of yoga, including (but not limited to):
* Asana & the Gross Body
* Surya Namaskar (“Sun Salutation”)
* Meditation & the Subtle Body
* The Meaning of Om
* The philosophies of Dualism and Non-Dualism
* A timeline which depicts the major yogic texts and periods
* The eight limbs of yoga
* A sampling of modern yoga “styles”

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