The Map of Yoga You've Been Looking For

The first work of its kind to place the major concepts, types and history of yoga together in a single, visual overview so that everyone can understand how yoga works.


Yoga works on the mind, body and spirit to create a greater sense of self within the practitioner. The poster illustrates these connections, exploring the various tools (physical postures & meditation) and the philosophical concepts behind them.


There are thousands of ways to practice yoga but they all share the same source. We trace yoga's evolution over time – from its roots 4,000 years in the past to the present day – capturing the story of its major branches with the metaphor of the sacred banyan tree.


No study of yoga would be complete without including the major historical periods and literary works that have described and shaped its evolution. Explore the contexts that have made yoga what it is today – from the Vedas through to the modern day.

The poster is really spectacular. I had such fun tracing the tree with my hands. It made Yoga History so creative and clear. I'm very honored to be a part of it. Should be hanging on every Yoga studio's wall!!

Lilias Folan, host
Lilias, Yoga and You

Something Worth Keeping

The Yoga Poster is both a book and a work of art at the same time. We felt very strongly that attention to the smallest detail was the only way to get it right.

Built to Last.

Our products are printed on 110lb archival quality paper (for comparison, typical printer paper is 20lb) for exceptional durability and ink saturation. We stick to standard sizes so that you have a number of framing options to pursue.

Studiously Designed.

Every square inch tells a story. We refined our research down to the essential pieces where most sources agreed and crafted strong, intuitive designs where each line contributed to the narrative. Then, we sought the input of our peers.

Easy on the Earth.

We print locally in wind-powered facilites in Portland, OR using 100% recycled, post-consumer waste paper and vegetable-based inks (when we can). Our Kraft packaging is 100% recycled so, only the smallest pieces of our process make an impact.

Well Traveled.

We've shipped our products to every continent except Antarctica. We send by postal mail, which means a real human carries it the whole way. If you're outside the US, you may want to check your local office for customs & import duties information.

I love the Yoga Poster and have it hanging in my yoga treatment room. I'm reminded of something I forgot every time I look at it.

Amy Weintraub, author
Yoga for Depression and Yoga Skills for Therapists

More Than A Poster

Our goal is to bring forth the hidden beauty and wisdom of yoga into our modern lives. Learning about yoga is hard – we aim to make it easier so that everyone can join in.

Who Is This For?

Thousands of students, teachers, studio owners and others around the world have made our products part of their homes and practice spaces – to inspire learning and remembering.

Teacher Trainees & Affiliates

We support teacher trainings with a standing group discount and we also support individuals who have helped share our work by sharing a percentage of every sale.

Our Other Products

Not everyone has wall space for a 24" x 36" poster. We've taken various elements from the poster and brought them into smaller formats so that everyone can experience the poster.

An interesting take on the evolution of Yoga and its important aspects.

Georg Feuerstein, PhD
Traditional Yoga Studies